"The Original Cuban Sandwich."

"You want to go fishing in Key West, go to the Key West Marina. You want to sing Jimmy Buffet songs, go to Margaritaville. You want to windsurf or paraglide, go to Smathers Beach. But if you want a con leche coffee or a Cuban sandwich, there’s only one place to go, and that’s Sandy’s Café. 

Sandy’s is the real deal, and all you need to see for proof is the continual stream of costumers flowing to our sidewalk window all day; lifelong Conchs, Cuban expats, seasonal residents, and maybe the most telling sign of all, round-the-clock visits from Key West’s finest – police, fire, and emergency crews stopping by before, during, and after their shift."

Bob Bowersox



(305) 295 0159


1026 White ST
Key West, FL 33040


NYTimes - In Key West, a Taste of Cuban Coffee Culture | "Sandy’s may be tiny — essentially a minuscule kitchen with a narrow outdoor counter packed with about 10 stools. But its menu is hefty."

Garden Collage - A Horticultural Guide To Key West | "Just ten stools fronting a service window that opens onto a narrow sidewalk terrace—is the pick-me-up of choice."